Kandathil Software


We provide a suite of consulting services in areas of technological innovation.  We are passionate about innovation in all respects - we can help you embed a culture of innovation within your organization. Innovation is not a one and done formula, it is a transformative journey for an organization. In the marketplace of ideas, the organizations that nurture idea germination and grow that idea into a revenue stream are the ones that will thrive. The analogy is intentional, in that building an innovative organization requires planting, watering and pruning, as well as time and resources. Let us help you through this journey..

Our team includes experts in banking and technology. We have a combined 50 years of experience with a top tier global universal bank across Core Banking, Risk, Compliance, Trade, Payments & Cash Management, Operations and Technology verticals. One of our senior partners was previously among the most senior technology leaders in the Latin American region, and our team have worked across c30+ countries and in every region. Our team have also lived in c20 countries, and have a strong understanding of cross cultural work environments.


Key technology expertise

We build responsive, agile and aesthetically cutting edge mobile apps for organizations from small to large. We specialize in custome coded mobile apps which leverage existing backends, either via APIs or embedded web artifacts.

We build Blockchain applications either on Hyperledger or on Microsoft Azure or Oracle Cloud Blockchain platforms. Key areas of expertise include Financial Services (Core Banking, Payments and Trade)




We build Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based applications for various industries, with a focus on Financial Services. This includes image recognition, natural language processing (NLP) and analytic models.