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We have a passion for innovative and transformative technology as an enabler for businesses. However we recognize that these concepts are not yet commoditized and the knowledgebase is limited in the marketplace. Contact our team to speak to us about these key technologies and how we can help your business achieve its potential. Cut through the hype to understand how innovative technology can meet your real business needs, and how we can help embed a culture of innovation. Innovative thinking is not a one-time investment, it is an ongoing way of life, encouraging natural curiousity in your staff in order to leapfrog your competitors.

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We build responsive, agile and aesthetically cutting edge mobile apps for organizations from small to large. We specialize in custome coded mobile apps which leverage existing backends, either via APIs or embedded web artifacts.

We build Blockchain applications either on Hyperledger or on Microsoft Azure or Oracle Cloud Blockchain platforms. Key areas of expertise include Financial Services (Core Banking, Payments and Trade)




Mobile, Blockchain & AI


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We build Artificial Intelligence (AI) and Machine Learning (ML) based applications for various industries, with a focus on Financial Services. This includes image recognition, natural language processing (NLP) and analytic models.